ignitionX - FAQs

ignitionX – FAQs

What is ignitionX?

A web application that displays the 100 Series Money Laundering Data Pack (MLDP). The application is custom-designed and built by current and former financial crimes risk and compliance practitioners. The custom UI/UX leverages a dozen different open source technologies such as search, data filtering, data charting/graphing, geospatial mapping, data overlays, data exporting, and file viewing.

What is the 100 Series MLDP?

A growing collection of approximately 10,000 unique source files, collected from over 650 unique sources, curated into 16 datasets, and organized logically into 6 unified data products. Data products present the user with the external strategic data needed to build and sustain a successful AML program. The current product offerings are global money laundering trends, global laws and regulations, a global money laundering risk index, US regulatory guidance, US enforcement actions, and a HIDTA/HIFCA risk index.

Who would benefit from using ignitionX?

Every professional that has an anti-money laundering responsibility. Whether you are a Chief AML Officer or an AML Analyst, your job and tasks would be executed more efficiently and more intelligently as a daily user of ignitionX.

How can we make that statement?

Simple. We have been at the pinnacle of the AML industry and understand in great detail what it takes to truly succeed therein.

What specific utilities does ignitionX serve?

The 100 Series MLDP provides intelligent insights.  More specifically, rich intelligence that supports risk assessments, program and policy development, model development and strategies, training, daily operational support across investigations/due diligence/screening, and board/oversight reporting.

How are you currently managing without ignitionX?

1) You don’t know what you don’t know from an intelligence and insights perspective.

2) Not ascertaining that knowledge has yet to be reflected in unsatisfactory audits or exams.

3) Google and/or manually conducting research or reading “articles” passed along from third parties/colleagues is the preferred method of collecting intelligence at your institution.

What are experienced practitioners saying about ignitionX?

One stop shopping for research in the AML/ATF space” ~ 25+ Year Practitioner EVP & Chief AML Officer at $95B asset sized bank.

The aesthetics of ignitionX look sophisticated and very professional. I like that it could make us more efficient with aspects of the risk assessment process and board reporting on industry matters” ~ 12+ Year Practitioner SVP & BSA Officer $16B asset sized bank.

Innovative data set, many things we use from different sources combined in to one intuitive tool. Looks cool too!” ~ 18+ Year Practitioner SVP & BSA Officer $50B asset sized bank.

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