Problem Statement

Public data sources related to money laundering present a wide range of challenges. The data sources are fragmented, credibility and relevance are uncertain, and the universe of discovery is often unknown or difficult to ascertain.

Inherent challenges also exist with data collection. Data can be retrieved by pushing (email/alerts) or pulling (research). Pushing data inundates your inbox clouding important communications. Pulling is time consuming and inefficient with multiple clicks, memory-based navigation or instruction.

Data processing poses a unique set of challenges as well. Extracting meaningful information is tedious. Exploiting the data to facilitate critical decision-making can involve more email, links or attachments. Storing the data encompasses problems with infrastructure, cost, scale and accessibility.


We have built a process to collect, unify, and curate fragmented data. Our curated data and software offers customers efficiently accessible and more intelligent insights.

Introducing The 100 Series Money Laundering Data Pack

A Growing Collection of Curated Data Products, Built by Real Anti-Money Laundering Experts, and Tailored for Thoughtful Operators and Decision Makers.

Data Product 101

Global Money Laundering Trends

101 includes two distinct curated datasets on money laundering trends sourced from authorities such as FATF, UNODC, and Basel. The second dataset relies on the FFIEC red flags and derives tactics, techniques, and procedures from DOJ press releases.

Data Product 102

Global Money Laundering Laws and Regulations

102 is a curated collection of global money laundering laws and regulations leveraging data from hundreds of sources considered to be primary authorities.

Data Product 103

US Regulatory Guidance (FinCEN)

The 103 dataset is a curated collection of Advisories, Guidance, 311 Special Measures and Administrative Rulings published by FinCEN.

The insights derived from this dataset are useful to ongoing consideration and implementation into programmatic and operational areas of an AML program. Additionally, the insights can facilitate the development of policies, procedures, risk assessments, reporting and training.

Data Product 104

US Money Laundering Enforcement Actions

This dataset is a curated collection of enforcement actions issued by FinCEN since inception.

The practical utility of the insights derived from this data set are useful for training, board and oversight reporting, and for ongoing consideration as well as in program areas including risk assessment analysis.

Data Product 105

US Money Laundering Risk Index

Access a unique data set and tool to simplify understanding geographic risk associated with HIDTA, HIFCA and GTO designations.

The practical utility of 105 is diverse ranging from day-to-day use in investigations and due diligence activities as well as for board and oversight reporting, to facilitate policy analysis and drafting, developing transaction monitoring strategies and performing risk assessments.

Data Product 106

Global Money Laundering Risk Index

Access country-specific, curated risk intelligence across the globe. 106 leverages resources from hundreds of unique sources to compile a thorough assessment of global money laundering risk. Methodology includes consideration of corruption, drugs, money laundering, governance, terrorism, trafficking and more.

The practical utility of 106 is diverse ranging from day-to-day use in investigations and due diligence activities as well as for developing global AML programs, board and oversight reporting. Further, 106 can facilitate policy analysis and drafting, developing transaction monitoring strategies and performing risk assessments.


Our progress, our vision.

View our timeline of key milestones we have already met and what’s on the horizon.

  • Acting on a vision to solve the data challenges of the financial crimes risk and compliance space, our founder, Vic Maculaitis, formed THE DATA INITIATIVE. A 16+ year financial crimes and intelligence practitioner, our founder has dealt first firsthand with the challenge and impact of the disparate data problems within the financial crimes risk and compliance space. With a basic thought of tackling the data problem with expertise first and technology second, the concept began to grow into a venture worth pursuing. Our first major step was partnering with New Angle Media to develop our branding, market positioning, and initial website.

  • We began the data collection and curation process with just three experts. A requirements assessment, source standardization process, and collection methodology were developed to drive the front end of phase product development (data collection). Additionally, the experts began to formulate the value creation process of phase 1 product development (data curation). Early product development was more about R&D vs. a clear product roadmap.

  • In less than eight months from our day one, we released a prototype proof of concept to 15 select financial services firms. The web application received incredible feedback and was met with positive reaction. The market feedback further drove the engineering efforts on both the data and software work we were pioneering.

  • We launched a half a million dollar seed round raise and successfully closed the round pre-MVP/pre-revenue. This level of investor activity was a major validation in the talent (team) we had assembled and the product we were innovating. The investment allowed us to accelerate our go-to-market strategy, make strategic hires, and launch real marketing campaigns.

  • We kicked off 2019 with formalizing our early stage company’s organization. We added two outside directors and one inside director to our formal board; added a fourth advisor to our advisory board; hired a VP, BizDev; promoted internally a VP, Product and Product Lead; hired additional researchers, data scientists, experts, and engineers. In sum, our company grew to 22 talented people!

  • ignitionX + 100 Series Money Laundering Data Pack Beta Release


Vic Maculaitis, CAMS
Founder and Chief Executive

Vic is a burgeoning entrepreneur focused passionately on building impact-oriented companies. He has over 16 years of experience as an industry executive, subject matter expert, and practitioner in the multiple disciplines of financial crimes and intelligence. Vic is an alum of UCLA Anderson School of Management and a former collegiate student-athlete. Vic resides in Phoenix, AZ with his wife, 2 daughters, and son.

Tiffany Chesnos, Esq., CAMS
VP, Product

Tiffany is a financial intelligence expert, having held numerous leadership positions in the industry. Tiffany was the former Director of Economic Sanctions at First Republic Bank, which has been awarded top honors for private banking by Private Asset Management Magazine eight consecutive years. Tiffany overhauled the sanctions program at First Republic to align with the excellence expected by the bank and regulators. She consulted on most significant AML remediation in US History and is a seasoned prosecutor with 94% jury trial conviction rate. Tiffany holds a BS in Business Psychology and a JD.

Ty Smith
VP, BizDev

Ty is a passionate strategic BizDev leader, who thrives on building winning teams and executing strategic customer facing initiatives. Ty has over 15 years of experience leading teams in all functional areas of the BizDev process, and most recently held a GM role focused on the construction technology market. In his career, Ty has led over 150 successful sales representatives, numerous marketing related teams, as well as product and operations staff. Ty holds an MBA from Malone University, and resides in North East Ohio with his wife and two daughters.

Jill Marcinkoski, Esq.
Product Lead

Jill is a licensed attorney in the state of Arizona. Having spent the last 10 years in various legal and financial crimes compliance roles, Jill specializes in legal research and analysis. Over the past three years, Jill has focused on product development, marketing, and business development at startups. Jill holds a BS in Psychology from Central Michigan University and a JD from Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

James McJunkin
Advisory Board Member

Mr. McJunkin brings 30+ years of experience from the public and private sectors. Mr. McJunkin spent 25 years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation reaching the Senior Executive Service and retiring as the Assistant Director in Charge of the Washington Field Office, the second largest in the Bureau. Most recently in private industry, Mr. McJunkin has been the Chief Security Officer and CISO at Discover Financial Services.  

Barry Cordero
Advisory Board Member

Barry Cordero is an Executive at Medtronic, the world’s largest medical device manufacturer, where he leads the continuous improvement strategy for Medtronic Diabetes, the fastest growing therapy division. He is also the Founder of Rolling Belt Solutions, LLC, a new venture focused on assisting small businesses achieve goals through strategic planning, employee engagement, and process optimization.Barry is a Veteran of the US Navy Nuclear Program, holds a Bioengineering Degree from UCSD and is an alum of UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Dr. John Hatzadony
Advisory Board Member

John is the founding Program Chair of Homeland Security and Director of the Master of Science in Intelligence Analysis at Rabdan Academy in the United Arab Emirates. His program is the first of its kind in the GCC providing education, training and research support to the UAE security community. A threat finance and intelligence expert, he has held numerous senior positions in the US government, banking and academia. He holds a PhD in Political Science from Case Western Reserve University, as well as an MA in Political Science from Eastern Illinois University and BA in International Studies from DePaul University. He currently lives in Abu Dhabi, UAE with his wife, 2 children, cat and dog.

Elizabeth Harnisch, Esq., CAMS
Advisory Board Member

Elizabeth is a Managing Director and Senior Counsel at Oppenheimer & Co. Inc., a global, full-service broker-dealer and investment bank, where she has worked as an international securities attorney for the last fourteen years. She has an in-depth knowledge of financial services, with a focus on anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, international activities, institutional sales and trading, and corporate governance. Additionally, she is a co-founder and director of First Light Foundation, a non-profit, grantmaking, charitable organization. Elizabeth holds a JD from Georgetown University Law Center, a BA from the University of Notre Dame, a CAMS certification, and has been admitted to the New York Bar Association. She has also obtained an advance certification from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust.



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